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Web development is the art of giving life to a website!!! With this statement, it's clear that designing is the creative part while the development is a technical part where technical excellence & genius is needed. A good-looking website would never perform to its full potential unless its development has been done immaculately. For web development services, only reliable and experienced companies should be trusted upon for great results and overall benefit to the business.

We provide fully-customized web development services as per the needs and specifics of a business and website. We have an experienced team of developers and coders who capitalize on the best of technologies to deliver utmost solutions.

For web development services, our team utilizes some of the contemporary technologies, including PHP,, Flash and Ajax etc. Our development team works logically and creatively to ensure the best of coding and development to all kinds and types of websites. Custom web applications are developed to enhance the level of interaction between the business and its customers.

We develop fast loading and SEO-friendly websites for benefits of our clients. More so, our development team ensures that each and every website reaches to clients with easy and user-friendly navigation features. In a nutshell, you should trust only an experienced player for website development to grow without hiccups.


CMS based Website Development

Content management system is a computer application that allows you to manage your data and files easily. CMSs are used by corporate and marketing website for managed their blog and news.
Word Press - free web software designed for creating template - based websites or blogs
Joomla - a flexible web publishing tool that supports custom databases and extensions
Drupal - an open source platform often used for developing community - based sites

E-commerce Website Development

E-commerce website is used for online business or marketing using electronic device and internet. E-commerce sites are that sites which works on business to business strategy. E-commerce websites use graphical data through web contacts and social media. E-commerce sites are provides secure business transaction to users.

Static Website Development

A Static website is a HTML document which is stored as files on web server. Static website has web pages and they show the content exactly as stored on web server. Static websites are used for that content which is no need to update for long time. Static web pages restricted the personalization or interactivity. Static website displays the same information for all users.

Advantages of static website:
  • Easy to develop
  • Cheap to develop
  • Cheap to host

  • Disadvantages of static website:
  • Requires web development expertise to update static website
  • Site not as useful for the user
  • Static web page content is idle

  • Web designing

    Design is the process of collecting ideas and implementing them. A website creates the online brand and identity of a business and hence, it should be smart & effective. Your website is going to make the first impression on the web. Website designing is the way to represent the content on web pages. The user can easily access these web pages using internet browsers. Website designing is a process to show the data through visuals and text.

    Web Hosting

    A website needs proper hosting to grow and realize its full potential. In the absence of adequate and dependable hosting services, no website can grow beyond a specific point. iBizz Technologies ensures that clients enjoy the best of web hosting services at reasonable prices. We offer fast, reliable, secure and powerful web hosting services to ensure utmost growth to our clients. More so, we always target a mix of security, reliability and consistency, and our hosting services precisely meet that target.
    Our hosting services rely on high-end servers, routers and firewalls to bring the desired benefit to client's online prospects.
    Different hosting packages are offered by so that each and every business meets its requirements as per the budget. We give choices so that clients can select from our feature-rich and scalable hosting services and solutions. More so, we ensure that our clients either avail India or US based servers, or in case of need, both at a time. Uninterrupted services remain the major point of our web hosting services which are driven by high capacity servers. So, come at us to enjoy secure and spam-free services, Email Support, Personal Control Panel, and Dedicated IP Address with many more facilities.

    Web Maintenance

    In today's fast-moving world of online and internet, most of the companies and organizations are shifting their systems to internet for various benefits. Now every business wants the benefits of search engine visibility to invite more and more customers towards the business. With such a high premium on internet, a website needs proper maintenance to reap the most of benefits on offer.

    Website maintenance services are available so that a company can maintain its website to grow beyond the limit. From constant updates to solving of issues, from website security to minimizing hacking dangers, website maintenance services are doing everything.

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